Phl IT and solutions provider embraces IBM SmartCloud

CEBU, Philippines - The Integrated Open Source Solutions (iOSS), a homegrown IT services and solutions provider in the Philippines announced its successful adoption of IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) to offer superior customer service and expand its market presence.
“Our current IT infrastructure does not have the network and electrical power reliability of a data center, something which our clients now require,” said Joe Gene Quesada, President of iOSS.
Under its current IT infrastructure, iOSS utilized on-premise servers to run testing, development and production processes, as well as to host customer solutions. As more customers engaged its services, iOSS faced a sharp increase in workload, resulting in performance and connectivity issues, requiring a more robust and reliable data center solution.
“We realized that we needed to have a solution for our clients that required 99.9% server uptime and connectivity across multiple Internet Service Providers, something which our current set up could not provide in a cost effective manner,” added Quesada.
The multi-tenant IBM SCE public cloud solution has provided iOSS, which specializes in the development of customized and cost-effective solutions with open source tools and technologies, the ability to reduce operating costs, increase system scalability and flexibility, achieve much faster deployment, and provide significantly increased uptime and connectivity.
“With IBM’s public cloud solution, we can now more efficiently meet our business requirements, without making the significant capital investments required for a data center. By supplementing our IT infrastructure with a flexible and sustainable public cloud solution, we can now offer even more cost-effective solutions to our customers, helping push further adoption of cloud-based services in the Philippines,” said Quesada.
To better support its customers and ease the strain on in-house servers, iOSS engaged experts from IBM Global Technology Services to work out a feasible plan to integrate a public cloud solution into its overall IT infrastructure. iOSS chose to implement the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise solution – IBM’s enterprise-class public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering – and signed on for the service under a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service model. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is built on an agile cloud infrastructure designed to provide access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments that can be leveraged for development, test and other dynamic workloads.

Source: PhilStar