Playground for the Minds

Kudos to the class headed by iOSS Founder, Mr. Jose Eugenio "Joe Gene" Quesada, for getting featured today (Dec 3) in Playground of the Minds section of Philippine Daily Inquirer.
An agreement was signed between Asia Pacific College, and Mail and More Business Solutions, Inc., a courier and communications services provider, for the use of an Information Management system developed by the students of Mr. Quesada
It has always been a passion for Mr. Quesada to teach and guide young minds to build software and systems that can be used in real world business. Together with Asia Pacific College and their  "Real projects. Real learning" initiative, they want to see students  become successful in their chosen carreer in IT and to be productive and valuable employees for the companies that they work for.
The student project that was featured is an output from CSPROJ2 SS01, and SOFTDEV SS92, 93, and 94, batch 2012 classes.