iOSS at SoftCon - The Philippine Software Industry Conference

iOSS is participating in Philippine Software Industry Association's (PSIA) first local conference inviting all global supplier and local employer in software industry. This is an event where everyone will showcase, including iOSS, their products and services. This is iOSS' first major event to introduce to other industry what we are offering, which we believe is something the market is now missing.

iOSS aim to address the gap that stands between in-house developed systems and commercial off-the-shelf products found in the market by tailor fitting our software products to each client’s particular requirements using Open Source technology. We customize the product with our clients, seen as technical business partners, to help them shape the system that can address their unique pain or need.

SOFTCON.PH is an international conference which aims to put the spotlight on the Philippine software industry as a global supplier and local employer, showcase available products and services, and increase the over-all competitiveness of the Philippine software industry in the global market. The PSIA is launching SOFTCON.PH for the first time this year to take advantage of the great year that 2012 has been to the industry, with $1.2 billion in total foreign revenues contributed to the Philippine GDP.
SOFTCON.PH is primarily about two things: positioning and the megatrends. It is designed to bring key players together to discuss where the Philippine software industry is globally in terms of the services it provides, products it creates and the pool of talent it is rich with. It is programmed to be a platform where speakers and delegates can achieve synergy by comparing notes on the adoption of the megatrend technologies in their businesses and by sharing best practices. As these megatrends shake up the ecosystem of software companies that we know of today, SOFTCON.PH arms everyone with the readiness and courage to take on the challenge.